Mechwia salad

In Arabic, méchouia means "grilled". This Tunisian salad, typical of Cap Bon and the rest of the country, is a culinary heritage of the Arabo-Andalusians, settled in Tunisia after the fall of the kingdom of Granada in 1492. The latter brought with them, tomato, chilli and pepper.

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Carrot caviar

delicious salad of cooked carrots, fresh and flavored with cumin, called Omek Houria. Easy to prepare, colorful and slightly spicy, the Omek Houria salad will bring sun and happiness to your table.

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Mloukhiya, mouloukhiya, mloukhiyé (Arabic: الملوخية) is an oriental dish popular in Tunisia, Libya and the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria). The name is that of the plant known as the vegetable coretus. The leaves of this plant are cooked in different ways depending on the region: in a rich sauce or a stew made with beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, fish or lamb. The leaves of this plant are sometimes dried and either left whole or reduced to a green powder which is easy to keep.

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Loubia is a dish of North African origin. It is made from white beans or coconut beans served in tomato sauce.

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Suace macaroni

the dish that best represents Tunisia, I answer its Makrouna Bel Salsa / macaroni sauce otherwise Tunisian pasta. We make this dish very often and it is undoubtedly the favorite dish of all Tunisians. Cooked with concentrated tomato, spices, garlic and olive oil.

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