Presentation and inheritance

Sannefa is a Tunisian brand created in 1979, specializing in 100% natural cooked dishes from the Maghreb and the Mediterranean.

Number 1 in Africa, Sannefa is a subsidiary of El Mazraa, a historical company founded in 1968, it markets more than 300 food products with international certifications.

To get to know Sannefa better, you have to go back to the origins in 1968 in Tunis, when El Mazraa started breeding, processing and distribution of poultry, poultry products and sausages.

To complete its range and diversify, El Mazraa launched Sannefa to become the number 1 in pre-prepared meals made famous by its salad mechouia cooked with secret traditional techniques which has made it one of the flagship products in Tunisia.

Exporting mainly to Africa and the Middle East, today Sannefa is setting up in Europe, fruit of its partnership with TFOODS.

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Process and know-how

Recognized for its creativity and innovation, El Mazraa has transmitted through Sannefa all its know-how and expertise in mastery from the process, the freshness of the vegetables, their origin and their quality to the way of cooking them, in fact, Sannefa uses the good old authentic recipes of grandmother in order to find the taste of yesteryear, without preservatives, to a unique experience.

Meticulous preparation, respect for products and spices, as well as the rigor of the chefs have made Sannefa the leader of dishes cooked in Tunisia, our customers in France will benefit from this culinary journey.

Specialties and ingredients

Inspired by the authentic Tunisian terroir, Sannefa has concocted the most popular and emblematic starters and ready meals, from the "Mechouia" salad, with "Ommek Houria" (carrot caviar) passing by "Mloukhia" or even olives and condiments essential on every Mediterranean table.

The secret to these recipes is not only the preparation or cooking method, but also the spices and products 100% Tunisian, without coloring or preservative. These peppers, peppers, olives and fresh tomatoes soaked in sunshine and always in season are rich in vitamins, mixed with our aromatic herbs reveal a surprising taste of which only Sannefa holds the secret.

Prepared dishes like macaroni sauces, "Loubia", "Mermez", and other colorful Tunisian specialties are 100% natural, to provide that unique sweetness and taste.


Certification and commitment

Like its founder El Mazraa certified in superior quality by SGS international and certified ISO 9001 version 2000, Sannefa is a brand committed against waste and pollution, it takes advantage of El Mazraa's know-how in respecting the environment and food safety (ISO 22000-2005), products and waste.

Sannefa ensures rigorous quality control at each stage of the production process, it also relies on the diversification of its product range while remaining attentive to its customers.